Safety Zone
Hello Everyone!

Long time no post, hah! I finally have at least one working computer (my desktop) so now I can get back to business as usual on the blog. This week will have a bit of a theme to it. Today I present to you the first post of Black ‘n’ Blue week. :-P I’ll be showing you Safety Zone by Diamond Cosmetics. This is a new brand to me, I’ve definitely heard of them but I hadn’t gotten around to trying out any of the products yet.

Seche Vite top coat and Sally Hansen Nail Quencher base coat were used for these swatches.


Safety Zone

Safety Zone
Safety Zone is a bright, almost neon, polish that dries with a semi-matte finish (think the ORLY Plastix). The formula was a little tricky on this one. It had a jelly and creme blended consistency to it which is usually quite nice, but with this polish it just didn’t work. I ended up with a lot of streaks, uneven spots, and bumps (???) on a few of my nails. This is three coats and even then I still had some ridges and bumps (most prominent on my ring finger).
Safety Zone
It’s a bummer that the formula for this one was so sketchy, because I really like the bright sky blue color! I also forgot to take a picture of Safety Zone in its matte form. I was so appalled by the bumpiness of this one that I just wanted to fix it ASAP with Seche Vite. :-P

Final Thoughts:

While this color gave me a few problems with application I’m not going to completely write off the entire brand. They have a TON of colors to choose from and at $2.50 per bottle their line is very wallet friendly. I think in the future I will pick out a few more colors to try out. And I will try Safety Zone a few more times before I give up on it entirely. :-)

Purchase Info:

Diamond Cosmetics polishes can be purchased on their official website, for $2.50 per .43 fl oz bottle. You can find Safety Zone listed under the drop-down heading for ‘cool’ colors. Their nail polish is free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl, Phthalate, and Camphor. :-)

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