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Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer Collection


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RBL Italian Summer Collection

Hey Everyone!

I’m back again with more RBL swatches for you all! This time I’ll be showing you the Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer collection. Ji is really pumping out the colors this season! This set of 7 shades was inspired by a trip to Italy that Ji and her husband took one summer.


Here’s a little trailer created by Ji to showcase the Italian Summer collection:

Meow Meow

RBL Meow Meow 1
RBL Meow Meow 2
RBL Meow Meow 3
Meow Meow: During our nightly strolls you could smell the day’s catch on the shores,
and out of every corner, bright green eyes flash at you from the cats protecting their
food bank. This dark hunter green shows off a finely milled glitter. It’s almost like Burn
The Evidence but with a black glitter that casts shadows, the way a dark cat’s
fur might look in the moonlight.

Meow Meow had rather good coverage for being a thin glitter, this is 3 coats. I love the contrast of the black against the green!


RBL Melanzane 1
RBL Melanzane 2
RBL Melanzane 3
Melanzane: I love eggplants. In the markets, in pastas, roasted, and I can stare at them
all day just looking at their lush colors. I always see the various tones of purples, vivid
green stems, and sometimes there is almost a hint of a bluish tint on their skins. This
glitter polish is just like that, you’re going to stare at your nails all day long— wait —
make that all week.

I love the color range in Melanzane! This is 3 coats as well.


RBL Bicicletta 1
RBL Bicicletta 2
RBL Bicicletta 3
Bicicletta: In Sorrento, while strolling by the sea, I saw a precious, dark-haired little girl
in a bikini riding a bike with training wheels. The bike was pale pink and it sparkled and
twinkled in the sun, the matching streamers flying along with the girl’s confident
peddling. I was reminded of my own six-year-old self; this was the exact color I had
longed for instead of my own lime-green bike! This pale pink polish has micro glitters
that will make you think of sugar and summertime.

I was surprised by how much I liked Bicicletta. I’m not a big pink/pastel lover, but the flecks of charcoal mixed in with the silver and salmon shimmer in this shade are really gorgeous.  I used 3 coats here, though you could get away with 2 coats for shorter nails.


RBL Oliveto 1
RBL Oliveto 2
RBL Oliveto 3
Oliveto: Did you know that Italian men climb ladders to carefully handpick olives for
extra virgin olive oil? And that the olives that have the misfortune to be dropped on the
floor are destined to become just plain olive oil? The smell of olive groves was
something I want to smuggle back home. A wonderful multifaceted fading sun drenches
those dancing, rustling olive trees. Oliveto is the perfect olive green that reflects the
flash of rainbow and purple and periwinkle shimmers. It is a shimmery, yet less yellow
version of No More War.

Wow, Oliveto is GORGEOUS! The shimmer is to die for and this formula practically painted itself onto my nails. This is 2 coats, great coverage!

Gelato Al Cioccolato

RBL Gelato Al Cioccolato 1
RBL Gelato Al Cioccolato 2
Gelato Al Cioccolato: I promise I will stop my obsession with anything that has to do
with a taupe-brown goodness, but what can I say? When I tried the gelato from Venice
(and it had been about a decade since my last Chocolate Gelato—I know, not a huge
chocolate fan, and yes, I’m human) I was mesmerized by its taste and color. When I was
mixing this color, there were definitely times it looked good enough to eat.

This is a nice neutral medium brown creme shade. Great formula and I only needed 2 thin coats for full coverage.


RBL Gondoliere 1
RBL Gondoliere 2
Gondoliere: Yes, I do adore those red and white stripe-shirted gondoliers floating
around the canals in Venice. Gondoliere is the most vibrant orange-based opaque glossy
red nail polish I’ve ever mixed. It’s so sexy, yet classic at the same time. This has more of
an orange base than Bangin, trust me, I tripped over myself endlessly
comparing the two. This color is hot, like dreamy, steamy summer nights.

Gondoliere is my kind of red! Super glossy even before I added top coat, and I just adore the orange undertones. Maybe I would say OVERtones because the orange in this shade isn’t shy. Me gusta. This is 3 thin coats, but you could get by with 2 coats for short nails.


RBL Motorini 1
RBL Motorini 2
RBL Motorini 3
Motorini: If I ever learn how to drive a scooter, this would be the custom color I would
mix for mine. A moodier, darker sister of our famed and playful Aqua Lily,
this medium base of blue/aqua has a flash of surging fuchsia shimmer.

I was immediately reminded of Aqua Lily when I first saw Motorini! I did a quick comparison of the two and Motorini really is the darker sister to Aqua Lily, though the shimmer in Aqua Lily is more prominent than it is in Motorini. This is 3 coats for me, and again you could get by with 2 coats for shorties.

Final Thoughts:

The formula for all 7 shades in the Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer collection is perfection. Each polish was easy to apply and just glided across my nails. My top picks from this collection are definitely Bicicletta, Oliveto, Gondoliere and Melanzane.

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Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. The pre-order date is set for Monday, August 11th, so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Italian Summer collection pre-order! If you can’t do the pre-sale don’t worry, the date that this collection will be available for the public is still forthcoming. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

And for updates on new collections, release dates, etc., you can follow Rescue Beauty Lounge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+!





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From The Vault: Colors by Llarowe Behead The Drama Queen!


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CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 1

Hey Everyone!

My word, I have been sitting on these swatches for way WAY too long. I had lost my notes on them for months and just rediscovered them, just to find out that this shade has been retired from the CbL line. I’m sorry you guys, I really dropped the ball on this one. :( That being said, Behead The Drama Queen is an absolutely AMAZING nail polish. So if you can track it down you will not be disappointed! Let’s move on to my swatches now. ^_^

Behead The Drama Queen

CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 2
CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 3
CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 4
Behead The Drama Queen is an absolutely gorgeous dark teal based jelly with light green shimmer. This combination of the shimmer against the darker base gives it a beautiful duo chrome effect that shifts depending on your lighting. The formula was amazing, I used 3 easy coats to reach full coverage.
CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 5
CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 6

I just can’t get enough of this shade. It also looks like a scattered holo in some lighting just because of how strong the shimmer/color shift is on the nail!
CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 7

Let’s take a moment to admire the this pretty little thing in the above macro shot…

CbL - Behead The Drama Queen! 8
And here’s one last shot of Behead The Drama Queen with flash, because as per usual I swatched in the middle of the night where natural sunlight does not exist.

Hope you all enjoyed these swatches and my ‘vintage’ square shaped nails, haha! I’ve got another ‘From The Vault’ post coming up for you all from a different great indie nail polish creator in the near future. Stay tuned while I dust off this blog yet again. 😉

Other Colors by Llarowe nail polishes can be purchased exclusively from Llarowe’s website. The pricing ranges between $6-12 per 15mL bottle of polish. Colors by Llarowe nail polishes are also 5-free and cruelty free. :)

And for updates on her new collections, release dates, etc., you can follow Llarowe on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!





* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

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Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy of a #Kdrama Collection


* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

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Anatomy of a K Drama Collection - RBL

Hey Everyone!

No excuses for my prior absence since my last post 4 months ago (!!!), other than Netflix and Hulu owning my life when I’m not working crazy hours. :3

I’m back again with the newest Rescue Beauty Lounge collection to share with you all today! This time we’ll be looking at the Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy of a #Kdrama collection, which consists of seven gorgeous shades.

Here’s what Ji has to say about this collection:

Picture this: A really hot, rich boy (his parents practically own the country—think Samsung!) falls in love with a plain Jane, a pitifully poor girl whose family was financially ruined by loan sharks. The boy’s equally wealthy best friend falls in love with her too, and they even come to blows over the girl. She is without a clue since she is often too exhausted from taking care of her family—and working two or three jobs. It takes about 8 episodes for this couple to hold hands; we don’t know which of the boys she will choose, she may have held hands with both of them. They reach into their bottomless wallets to give her makeovers—in fact, one of their fathers owns the department store!

(Oh Snap!)
Enter the boy’s no-nonsense Korean tiger mom who always has a rich girl for him to marry (think company merger), someone he loathes. There are loads of schemes to get rid of the poor girl, even if his mother has to hire a hit man. Yes, there will be a kidnapping and perhaps some injuries, you name it—I’m scared for her too, no lie. It takes about 16 episodes for these two to kiss and overcome her accidents, hospital recoveries, etc. They promise never to part. But wait! Something else surfaces, after the boy’s friend digs up the girl’s family history, it turns out that the couple are exactly like Romeo and Juliet, their ancestors were enemies and the reason why her family is destitute.

What will she do? Will she honor her family and reclaim their wealth? Or does she
abandon ship?! Anatomy of a #KDrama is my latest collection, brought about by my newest compulsion.
–Ji Baek

Here’s a little trailer created by Ji to showcase the Anatomy of a #Kdrama collection:

As soon as Ji first mentioned this collection to me I was instantly intrigued by the idea. I love quirky and the premise of Kdrama inspired nail polish was definitely a theme that was a first for me! I had never watched any Kdramas before, but after Ji’s description above I had her recommend a few to me. They’re on my to-do list if I can track them down, Crunchyroll don’t fail me now! 😉

I couldn’t wait to see what the colors looked like based on their lovely descriptions. I was definitely not disappointed!

Instant Amnesia

RBL Instant Amnesia 1
RBL Instant Amnesia 2
RBL Instant Amnesia 3
Instant Amnesia: This is the perfectly neutral balance between fawn and taupe, a lofty palate cleanser with a tinge of attitude. Its flawless beauty is infused with flutters of silver, green, and pink shimmer. Once you wear it, Instant Amnesia will erase your memory of all the bad nail polish colors from your past.

Instant Amnesia is a ‘mannequin hands’ gorgeous taupe with pink, green and silver shimmer. The formula was squishy (almost like a jelly-creme hybrid) and application was a breeze! I use 3 coats here, but you could probably get away with 2 if you had shorter nails. I’ve definitely been rocking some talons lately. 😛

Oh Slap!

RBL Oh Slap! 1
RBL Oh Slap! 2
Oh Slap!: The quintessential flushed cheeks for your nails, Oh Slap! goes on as a sheer pink in one coat with opaque coverage in two coats. This is THE PERFECT PINK; the formula is flawless and streak-free and is not pastel or white-based. You can practically apply it with your eyes closed.

Oh Slap! is a dusty rose-pink jelly-creme. Not a color I would typically reach for, but it’s very feminine and great if you’re looking for a soft neutral shade to sport. It definitely goes on sheer, I had to use 4 coats for the full coverage I prefer. That being said, it was streak free and I experienced no cuticle drag even with all the coats I had to apply!

Will They Won’t They

RBL Will They Won't They 1
RBL Will They Won't They 2
RBL Will They Won't They 3
Will They Won’t They: Will They Won’t They catches the sun’s rays as it glides on your nails. A gentle cascade of the tiniest silvery, blue-green micro glitter softly flows on a pool of doleful lavender. Sheer coverage in one coat, and opaque in two.

Ohhhhh man, Will They Won’t They is friggin GORGEOUS! Absolutely heavenly application and the glass flecky shimmer is to die for! I used 3 coats here, but again you’d probably only need two with shorter nails since you wouldn’t have to compete with as much VNL (visible nail line). Will They Won’t They also dries with an incredible glossy finish, even before I added my top coat!

Cue The Montage

RBL Cue The Montage 1
RBL Cue The Montage 2
RBL Cue The Montage 3
Cue The Montage: Yellow chartreuse is the most difficult color to wear; it was a daring task to try to create one that would be suitable for all skin tones. Cue the Montage has a different texture than any other RBL nail polish. It dries matte and textured, so you must apply a basecoat and topcoat for the full effect. This color has glittery silver that peaks through in glorified harmony.

Warning: The glitter in this bottle does not appear the same when applied to nails; it has a sandwiched effect.

Cue The Montage was another insta-fave! But it does take a little bit of work to get the finish as smooth as I’m showing it here. I have on 3 coats, and it definitely needed top coat since it dries textured. I initially just put on a single coat of my top coat and it was still looking a little lumpy. Then I added a coat of Gelous (any ‘glitter tamer’ style treatment will do here) and then another layer of top coat and BOOM: Smoooooth chartreuse and silver glitter sandwich sailing. 😉

This is definitely a shade of nail polish that’s unique to my collection, and when you have over 1200 bottles of nail polish that’s saying something.

Not Your Baby

RBL Not Your Baby 1
RBL Not Your Baby 2
RBL Not Your Baby 3
Not Your Baby: A deceitfully, mysterious brown-bronzy-sage-green duo chrome, Not Your Baby is a classic RBL chameleon nail polish—its identity changes depending on the light. Trickery plays. This color may appear to be brown with a cast of sage-green shimmer in a certain light, and yet bronze the next moment.

Helllllo baby! Er… I suppose Not Your Baby in this case, bad joke… I’m sorry friends. This one is crazy in a good way! In the bottle it had a strong duo chrome shift from green/gold to a mauve. And happily that shift was just as strong on the nail for me! Take a look at that macro shot for a better idea of what I’m talking about. I can see myself reaching for this one a lot. I used 2 coats here, this one had a perfect formula.

Burn The Evidence

RBL Burn The Evidence 1
RBL Burn The Evidence 2
RBL Burn The Evidence 3
Burn The Evidence: Burn The Evidence has a finely milled panache glitter that is not only jammed-packed with a mélange of red, gold, orange and copper glitters, but it also provides that dash of ash-black brilliance. This color fully covers in two full coats and has a flaming three-dimensional depth: Your hot nails will look like they’re on fire.

Burn The Evidence was a surprise favorite for me! I was expecting this one to be a pain to apply or just not really wow me since I’m not a huge ‘glitter bomb’ fan. But holy chickens, it’s amazing! This is 3 SMOOTH coats, as in this polish was almost completely smooth before I even added my top coat. And you’ll need top coat to make Burn The Evidence reach it’s max Oh-My-Glob potential. Before top coat, it’s pretty amazing. After top coat, I’m definitely channeling Katniss Everdeen with this nail polish!


RBL Monologue 1
RBL Monologue 2
RBL Monologue 3
Monologue: Virtuously inky, Monologue’s navy blue base is embedded with a soliloquy of elegant light-blue shimmer. Even in low light, this solitary dark blue retains its color and does not appear to be black. Monologue has a smooth, undemanding application; this color is darkly pigmented yet calmingly engaging.

Finally we have Monologue, a great deep navy blue base with light teal shimmer. I absolutely adored this one. I only needed 2 coats to reach full opacity with Monologue.

Final Thoughts:

I was [as usual] impressed by the entire collection and the eclectic mix of colors and finishes. My top picks from the Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy of a #Kdrama collection would have to be Will They Won’t They, Burn The Evidence, and Cue The Montage. And I’d have to say that Monologue and Instant Amnesia are close behind for my second tier picks. ^_^

What do you ladies (or gents) think of the Anatomy of a #Kdrama collection? Any Kdrama fans out there with recommendations for your favorite shows that I should check out? 😀

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Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. The 48 hour pre-sale date is set for 6/20 and ends on 6/22 at Noon EST, so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Anatomy of a #Kdrama collection pre-order! If you can’t do the pre-sale don’t worry, the date that this collection will be available for the public is still forthcoming. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

And for updates on new collections, release dates, etc., you can follow Rescue Beauty Lounge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+!





* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

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Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem Collection


* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

Rescue Beauty Lounge - A Poem Collection

Greetings From Beyond…

Okay so not from beyond the veil or anything like that, but it HAS been at least 3 months since my last blog update! I’ve still been active on my Instagram but actual time and desire to post have been a huge struggle for me lately. My apologies, I will do my best to jumpstart my passion for blogging! And what better way to jump back into swatching headfirst than with the newest collection from Rescue Beauty!

Today I’ve got the Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem collection to share with you lovely folks. This seven piece Winter 2014 collection consists of four creams, two glitter toppers and a partridge in a pear tree a gorgeous shimmer finish. Ji based this collection on the works of the poet Robert Frost.

“As soon as I read “Ghost House,” by Robert Frost (published on public domain), the colors
revealed themselves. It was as if I was physically walking along the patch of earth from the
poem. There are many layers in those verses that illuminate one’s soul; I’ve attempted to
translate this into layers of colors. This entire collection was curated by a harmony of hues
that go seamlessly hand in hand, including the glitters that can be layered with the opaque
colors to give depth and texture depending on one’s mood.

It’s rare for me to make four opaque colors in one collection, but these earthy palettes
ravished me, when I read the poem, these colors seduced me. The opaques themselves are
all demurely quiet, neutral and wearable, yet sophisticatedly pensive for all occasions and
seasons (my own version of the perfect little black dress).”

Here’s the preview video for the collection that was created by Ji, the lady behind the Rescue Beauty brand:

Forgotten Road

RBL Forgotten Road 1
RBL Forgotten Road 2
Forgotten Road: “Forgotten Road: The snow has melted. A howling wind stamps, turns,
and tangos with the broken brown house too many times. In the morning after they part, a charcoal road,
faded over time, leads to the house yearning for companionship. In the slick asphalt road after the
rain, I found a charcoal opaque gray. It is the color of a deep gray river rock that fits perfectly
in your hand, the darkest shade of gray in the spectrum. A darker, moodier sister to Stormy”

Forgotten Road is described as a charcoal grey, but I swear that I see blurple undertones like crazy here! I absolutely love this one. The cream formula for Forgotten Road is solid. I was able to get full coverage with 1 medium coat! I did apply two thin coats for these swatches though. This one also has great shine.

The Mosses Mar

RBL The Mosses Mar 1
RBL The Mosses Mar 2
The Mosses Mar: “The small creek sings and chatters, conversing with the busy birds
pecking away at nature’s supper. In between the brown house the wood has shed, there are
sage-colored mosses bursting up for their new eager, erratic life. This is the color of the
mosses in between stones or scattered deadwoods, parched and lightened by the sun,
almost identical to the underside of Aspen leaves when they tremble in the wind. (This is a
less yellow version of Diddy Mow 2.0)”

First of all, LOVE!! Green is my absolute favorite color so I was already slightly in love with The Mosses Mar before I even tried it. This beauty did not disappoint. I used 2 thin coats here, it was so incredibly glossy before I even added my topcoat!


RBL Footpath 1
RBL Footpath 2
Footpath: “After the incessant rain and flood, the yellowed-clay earth slowly recovers and
hardens. Unhurriedly, the path heals, baked by the sun. The earth, for a short while, forgets
and forgives its muddied past. The willow branches persistently swings, whispers, and sheds
its confetti of mustard-colored pollen, which blend to celebrate a marriage between two
earthy-yellow opaque hues. This earthened-yellow is truly mellow, wearable, and
surpassingly neutral. If you’re on the fence about wearing a bright yellow, this is a perfect
shade to ease into.”

Footpath… OH HEAVENS DO I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I know that a lot of people consider this to be a “fugly” color, but I am a sucker for murky mustard yellow and burnt oranges. Footpath seems to combine this with a gorgeous warm mustard yellow with orange undertones. The formula was superb!! Another careful 1-coater or 2 coats as I am showing here.

A Lonely House

RBL A Lonely House 1
RBL A Lonely House 2
A Lonely House: “The sleepy night sky swallows up the last of the dim sunlight. Like a black
and white photograph from long ago, naked tree branches are covered in the snow that is
falling on the ground and the ubiquitous snow wins with a smirk. A brown, weathered,
broken wooden house remains, without any apparent light or life. Just there, content,
scattered, and waiting. Out of this friendless and disparaged landscape dwells the perfect
opaque brown. Like handsomely worn English saddle leather, a rich and lush one-coater.”

A Lonely House as not a color that I was expecting to love. I don’t often reach for brown nail polish, but once applied this one definitely won me over. A Lonely House is a medium brown cream with red undertones, it reminds me of a medium-dark terracotta. I used 2 coats here, the formula was also great.

Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar

RBL Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar 1
RBL Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar 2
RBL Wild Raspberries Grow over The Mosses Mar 3
Wild Raspberries Grow: “One spring morning, a sparkling hint of brilliance appeared in the
periphery where wild raspberry patches thrived. The ruby fruit twinkled. Like Dorothy, from
The Wizard of Oz, the raspberries find their ruby slippers—turning the grayed world of black
and white into a beautiful spring day. In the light of the sun of a new day, the micro leafy
green glitters and sparkling fuchsia berries float. Combine this with any of the opaque colors
in this collection or use three coats to see a kaboom of glitter!”

I decided to show Wild Raspberries Grow layered first because I feel that this polish looks best as a glitter topper, though you can still wear it as a standalone color after several coats. This is 1 coat of Wild Raspberries Grow (a mixture of green micro-glitter and pink hex glitter) over 2 coats of The Mosses Mar. I really love this layering! The color combination reminds me of the cellophane grass that used to be in all the Easter baskets I got as a kid, haha!

Wild Raspberries Grow

RBL Wild Raspberries Grow 1
RBL Wild Raspberries Grow 2
Here’s a few photos of Wild Raspberries Grow on its own for those that are curious. Formula is thin and easy to work with, I used 4 coats for this swatch.

As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road

RBL As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road 1
RBL As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road 2
RBL As Sweet Companions over Forgotten Road 3
As Sweet Companions: “In the end, it was the hardship and the beauty that all flourished
together. The sonatas will always have the contrasting movement that settles what the
perfect ending was meant to be. The silver-lavender and matte black glitter were meant to be
playmates. This is not your typical screaming glitter, it’s more discreet, reserved, with muted
tones. You can create a perfect polka-dot nail art overlay with any of the opaque colors from
this collection as base. Or better yet, for those who want it real–layer it on for jeweled digits!”

I felt that As Sweet Companions would be best layered with Forgotten Road from this collection, I wasn’t wrong! This polish consists of a mixture of black and reflective lavender hex glitter in a suspension base. I used the ‘dabbing method’ due to the thickness of the suspension base in this nail polish, I find is easier for more precise glitter placement.

Small, Dim, Summer Stars

RBL Small, Dim, Summer Stars 1
RBL Small, Dim, Summer Stars 2
RBL Small, Dim, Summer Stars 3
Small, Dim, Summer Stars: “Lost in the woods on a moonless, un-illuminated night, they
stumble through the darkness. Looking up at the sky amid the fragrant forest, the weeping
willow tree branches recite a monologue in the distance. A whippoorwill sopranos—its
cadenza joins to compete. Then they appeared, countless tiny stars embedded in the dark
sky, it was always there to be found in every gentle, trusting heart. This sweltering silvery
black base hammered with multifaceted and spectacular green, blue, pink, shimmery, glittery
twinkling stars will bring you back to that summer night long ago, full of wonder and beauty.”

And finally to Small, Dim, Summer Stars… This vampy stunner has a black base that’s filled with gorgeous multi-hued shimmer. Wonderful formula that was super smooth, I used 2 coats here! I can see myself wearing this one often!

Final Thoughts:

The Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem collection definitely threw me for a loop. This is the most earthy toned collection that I’ve seen in quite some time from Rescue Beauty, but I really enjoy it! Before I even read the press release I could grasp the tone that Ji was trying to set with this color palette. Grassy greens, earthy browns and yellows, and brooding greys… All things that remind me of dusky rainy nights with a slow storm rolling in, watching from inside while you’re curled up warm in a blanket. I get it. ^_^

Not all of the colors in this collection are brand new, but the formulas for all the creams are top-notch and opaque in 1 or 2 coats. I’m not a huge fan of suspension base glitters due to the extra work needed to get the proper color payoff, but if you don’t mind the dabbing method the purple and black glitter combo in As Sweet Companions is fun and easy to pair with a multitude of layering possibilities.

My favorites from this collection are Footpath, Forgotten Road, The Mosses Mar and Small, Dim, Summer Stars. Which ones do you all like?


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Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. The 48 hour pre-sale date is set for 2/7 at Noon, so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge A Poem collection pre-order! If you can’t do the pre-sale don’t worry, the date that this collection will be available for the public is still forthcoming. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

And for updates on new collections, release dates, etc., you can follow Rescue Beauty Lounge on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Google+!





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Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 2.0!!!


* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

RBL - The Fan Collection 2

Hey Everyone!!!

Holy long time, no updates!! Life has just been craaaaazy busy and my time and energy normally delegated to blogging went out the window for a while. I was working 60 hour weeks for almost three months straight! If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve been witness to my latest trip to Las Vegas for Black Milk Clothing’s SharkieCon 2013 (the method to my overtime madness)!! I’ll make a separate post for that amazing long weekend. But for now I’ve got the six beautiful new Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 2.0 shades to share with you all today!

First I’ll share the cute little preview that Ji made for the new collection and then we’ll move on to my swatches! The color descriptions from the press release will be in italics, my comments on each color will follow. 😉

Naked Without Polish

RBL - Naked Without Polish 1
RBL - Naked Without Polish 2
RBL - Naked Without Polish 3
Naked Without Polish: “It would be a pure carnation pink base. Very basic and very creamy,
no jellies (as much as I love them). I want a polish that is opaque in 2 coats. I want the pink
base to be filled with a gold shimmer, for the sun to catch the gold and just make it shine! I
want my polish to be soft and girlie, but still make an impact and stand out. I want it to be a
color people can wear year-round, a color that cheers you up on a bad day. I’ve been
dreaming of this polish ever since I can remember. I’ve been a polish lover since I was 13 and
I can’t find anything that comes close to being my absolute dream polish, even though I do
have several on my favorites list. This ONE polish is always in the back of my mind. Just the
thought of it takes my breath away and makes me smile.” — On Becky’s wish list.

Naked Without Polish is a delicate carnation pink with gold/copper flecks and an icy microshimmer. WOW! I love everything that’s going on in this polish. It’s a neutral/nude with some spunk! I was expecting this one to be sheer for some reason but I barely needed 2 coats!


RBL - Reveillon 1
RBL - Reveillon 2
RBL - Reveillon 3
Réveillon: “My vision for Réveillon is based on the cold winter afternoons growing up on the
Quebec/NYS border. This is the borderland where we speak both French and English; for
many on the American side, it’s the furthest south our families migrated. Réveillon is a holiday
dinner held for Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve. It is an event of tradition and family,
marking the transition from night to day as the dinner/party lasts well past midnight. Réveillon
is celebrated with luxurious feasting in the company of family and friends. Given that it takes
place after the winter solstice, the holiday suggests the coming of spring, albeit many months
from that day. The color in my mind is a cool, silver-toned blue (more silver than blue) inspired
by the icy landscape of late December. There is an internal flash of gold/white shimmer,
perhaps violet, representing the light as reflected off ice, as well as the fireworks often used to
light the night sky on Réveillon. Réveillon is mysterious with a complex depth and internal
shimmer/light.” — Cara’s longing.

Réveillon is a periwinkle blue polish filled with purple and silver micro-shimmer. Pictures do not do this one justice, it is so beautiful in person! I love the delicate shimmer, and the fact that it shows in most settings including indoors. This was another 2 coater.


RBL - Coquette 1
RBL - Coquette 2
RBL - Coquette 3
Coquette: “Duality. Dichotomy. The essence of the feminine contradiction—Who’s that girl?
The surface belies the woman within. The intensity and intellect of Marilyn was masked by the
shell of a vixen. The demure facade of Jackie concealed the passionate seductress within.
Stereotypes defied. The Girl next door and the Goddess. Whimsy, charm, flirtation, seduction
and rapture.” — This is what Sarah wanted.

Coquette is such a fun color! Coral pink jelly with silver/gold flecky shimmer. It’s so girly and has a great formula! I did 3 coats to get rid of VNL but you could probably get away with 2 coats. Coquette was so shiny on its own before I even added my top coat!

Fire Queen

RBL - Fire Queen 1
RBL - Fire Queen 2
Fire Queen: “My color inspiration comes from Depression Era glass from the 1930s and
1940s—specifically, the pale jade color of the Fire-King line made by the Anchor Hocking
Glass Company commonly referred to as “jadeite.” In a sea of imposters, no one has been
able to capture the magic of the genuine Fire-King and thus it has become highly coveted
since the 1960′s: a small decadence of lean times turned luxury. When you hold a piece of
Fire-King up to the light it glows with history. This hue has a build-able jade jelly and the end
result looks like milk glass veneers on your fingertips. Both edgy and full of vintage charm,
this polish is the perfect fit for any ‘Fire-Queen.’” — Jaime’s desire.

Yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss. I was waiting on bated breath for this one. I mean, A JADEITE JELLY NAIL POLISH Y’ALL!! And Fire Queen does not disappoint. The color is spot on to the much loved and often collected glassware. The formula for this pale green jelly is similar to RBL’s Spongebob Collection: thin and sheer but easily buildable. I did 4 coats here to completely hide my VNL, but 3 coats would suffice if you don’t mind a little VNL. Make sure you’re waiting in between coats!

Lotus Elise

RBL - Lotus Elise 1
RBL - Lotus Elise 2
RBL - Lotus Elise 3
Lotus Elise: “My dream RBL would be something that I have wanted to see Ji do for a
while—the inspiration came from a unique and rare gemstone found mostly in Sri Lanka: the
padparadscha sapphire. While most sapphires are blue, this one stands out amongst the rest
as it varies in color from pink to orange, spanning all the range in between. RBL has some
very lovely pale and girly pinks, but this pink would be different. I envision the gold shimmer to
run as a thread throughout (like the flash
of orange running through Piu Mosso), while the orange microglitter would be more visible.
Because these three colors (pink, orange and gold) are analogous on the color wheel (next to
each other), the result will be a seamless blend of shades that would work well with each
other, allowing this polish to be worn by those who are daring, as well as those a little more
reserved.” — Candice’s dream.

Be still my mother effing heart. Lotus Elis is a little powerhouse with a red jelly base that’s packed with pink, red and gold flecks. I used 3 coats here, the formula was very easy to work with. It’s like fire on your nails, I absolutely love this one! And it immediately went on my toes after I finished swatching this collection. 😛


RBL - Lucciole 1
RBL - Lucciole 2
RBL - Lucciole 3
Lucciole: “Or fireflies in Italian, remind me of the most magical time in my childhood when I
was still innocent and the world was a safe and magical place. This color is reminiscent of the
color of a deepening summer night sky after sundown, between dusk and midnight. In my
mind’s eye, I see interspersed throughout this glorious base, random flecks of blue and/or
green iridescent luminescent flecks (like the ones that are visible in Cuprum) that randomly
sparkle when the light hits it, reminiscent of the fireflies’ sparks of light.” — By Mindy.

Yet another one from this collection that takes my breath away. Lucciole is gorgeous dusky purple with blue undertones. And then add to that the intense tarnished golden flecks and my heart is racing! The formula for this one is on the thin side so I did need 3 coats for full coverage. But yeah, this one stayed on my nails for the night. I just love it!

Final Thoughts:

I know I always say this, but for real you guys…. I love this collection!! I really think that the nail polishes did a very good job with matching up to their creators visions. The formulas were all superb and I can see myself wearing these colors a lot, no matter what season!

My top picks for this collection are… ALL OF THEM! And since I’m no help, I’ll let you know that both Lucciole and Lotus Elise got the coveted BSoA (Boyfriend Seal of Approval). 😉

And for funsies, here’s some quick links to my fellow bloggers reviewing this collection!:
Polish Police, Scrangie, Kellie Gonzo, Fashion Polish. 😀

Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. The 48 hour pre-sale date is set for 10/17 at Noon, so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection 2.0 pre-order! If you can’t do the pre-sale don’t worry, the date that this collection will be available for the public is still forthcoming. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

And for updates on new collections, release dates, etc., you can follow Rescue Beauty Lounge on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Google+!





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Review: Cirque Arcus Collection Swatches Part 1 – Solid(ish) Colors!!


The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

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Cirque Arcus Collection Part 1

Morning Everyone!

I’ve got the Summer 2013 Cirque Arcus collection to share with you all, but I’ve decided to split it into two parts because I took a LOT of pictures. I actually have quite a few nail polishes from Cirque that I need to show you, but I’m starting with Annie’s newest collection and working my way backwards. 😉


Cirque - Erda 1
Cirque - Erda 2
Cirque - Erda 3
Erda is a beautiful glowy green with hints of blue around the edges. I wish the blue duo-tone shift showed more on my nails like it does in the bottle! I might try layering this one over black the next time I wear it to see if it shows the color shift a bit more that way. This is 3 thin coats, easy application.


Cirque - Bejeweled 1
Cirque - Bejeweled 2
Cirque - Bejeweled 3
Wow. Bejeweled is a stunning and strong linear holo. This is 2 easy coats, no special holo base coat needed for this baby!
Cirque - Bejeweled (flash) 1
Cirque - Bejeweled (flash) 2
Cirque - Bejeweled (flash) 3
And here’s Bejeweled again with camera flash. Isn’t it ridiculous!? ^_^


Cirque - Sanguine 1
Cirque - Sanguine 2
Cirque - Sanguine 3
Cirque - Sanguine 4
Sanguine is a orange-gold duo-chrome shimmer. The color shift is pretty mild when wearing Sanguine on its own, but layered over black it’s a bit stronger. I used 3 thin coats here. Still gorgeous on its own but I’m a sucker for anything orange. 😉
Cirque - Sanguine over black 1
Cirque - Sanguine over black 2
Cirque - Sanguine over black 3
Cirque - Sanguine over black 4
1 coat of Sanguine over black and you can see the color shift a little more here, but I honestly like the brightness and shimmer of Sanguine on its own better. This would be a nice layering combo for Fall though!


Cirque - Vesuvius 1
Cirque - Vesuvius 2
Cirque - Vesuvius 3
Vesuvius is a strawberry red linear holographic. Again 2 easy coats and a great formula, just like Bejeweled.
Cirque - Vesuvius (flash) 1
Cirque - Vesuvius (flash) 2
Cirque - Vesuvius (flash) 3
Vesuvius with camera flash is a thing of beauty. I’m thinking I’ll be needing this on my toes for all the cute sandals I can finally wear now that it’s getting warm outside!

Queen Majesty

Cirque - Queen Majesty (over black) 1
Cirque - Queen Majesty (over black) 2
Cirque - Queen Majesty (over black) 3
Cirque - Queen Majesty (over black) 4
LOVE Queen Majesty! I decided right off to layer this one over black so I wouldn’t have to use so much of it, this is 2 coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme. Great coverage, and I love the sneaky bits of blue flecked in with the purple glitters!


Cirque - Helios 1
Cirque - Helios 2
Cirque - Helios 3
Cirque - Helios 4
Helios is faaaaaaaaabulous! Stunning gold microglitter sprinkled with holo glitter, and opaque after 3 coats on its own! I’m actually wearing a combo of this and Orly Green With Envy on my toes and it’s a really great color combo! You can see it HERE, I promise I don’t have scary toes. 😉
Cirque - Helios (over black) 1
Cirque - Helios (over black) 2
Cirque - Helios (over black) 3
I decided to try it over black as well, 1 coat, and I really like it this way too! Is anyone else reminded of the MOST OBNOXIOUS GOD OF WAR BOSS EVER when they hear the name Helios? Just me? Okay. 😀
Cirque - Helios (over black with flash) 1
Cirque - Helios (over black with flash) 2
Cirque - Helios (over black with flash) 3
And just for shiggles, some shots of Helios over black with camera flash. Hello holo!!

Final Thoughts:

I’m honestly never really disappointed with any of the Cirque Colors that I’ve had the pleasure of trying, these 6 are no exception to that rule. I DO wish that the two multi-chrome ones, Erda and Sanguine, were more multifaceted without having to layer them over a dark base. That being said, all of these had wonderful formulas. And looooooove the soft lavender/clary sage scent that is her signature for each nail polish. I don’t even care that I look like a creeper sneaking whiffs of my fingers from time to time. 😉

My top picks out of these 6 are Queen Majesty, Erda, and Helios, but all of them are really great. ^_^

Purchase Info:

The Cirque Arcus collection can be purchased from their website, The polishes retail at $13.00 – 15.00 per .45 fl oz bottle of polish, and she does offer international shipping! You can also view her list of international stockists [HERE].

Cirque nail lacquer is 3-Free, which means it does not contain toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate (DBP). Each bottle contains high quality essential oils, such as lavender and clary sage, to lend your hands a subtle scent after the polish dries.

You can also follow Cirque on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ^_^


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Review: Introducing the Rescue Beauty Lounge Bloggers Collection 2.0!!!


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RBL Blogger 2 Collection

Morning Ladies!

This is another one of those surreal IS-THIS-REAL-LIFE moments for me so prepare for lots of capslock, haha! I can still remember three or four years ago when I was drooling over the colors in the original 2009 RBL Blogger collection, and wishing I had known about the wonders of nail polish earlier because I needed Scrangie. And now, here I am in 2013 with the Rescue Beauty Lounge Bloggers Collection 2.0 to share with you all, and it’s featuring a nail polish that I helped design! My own nail polish. MINE. Curated with love, and tons of test bottles and swatches, and seriously over a year of love and frustration with unforeseen snags that Ji and I ran into with my initial vision. But it’s here folks. Nails and Noms in nail polish form is here! Along with five other beautiful ladies who got to make their polish dreams come true.

Someone help me, there seems to be some sort of watery liquid coming from my eyes. 😀

We’re here to finally celebrate The Bloggers’ Collection 2.0. This hypnotically long voyage started back in January 2012. Truthfully, I love collaborating with expert lacquer aficionados because I am guaranteed that they will take me on a journey that raises the bar even higher (even though there’s the chance that I’ll surf and crash hard while riding those high waves of technical difficulties). Every color has its own destiny, and although it may stray from the original creator’s vision, the bumpy ride is always worth it. Scrangie, Kellie, Pammy, Sam, Rie and I are proud and excited—can you hear our thumping heartbeats? My sincerest gratitude goes out to all of them for sharing their creative globe-trotting, nail polish-making paths—I had a blast and hope you all did too.



RBL NailsandNoms (Rie of Nails and Noms)
If you’ve read Rie’s blog, you know she’s an orange lover and the lady wished to have a Turquoise shimmer or glitter mixed into a bright orange base. However, the vision she had in mind made my already terrible potty-mouth even filthier. The turquoise glitter/shimmer she requested bled into the base, which turned the sherbert-like bright orange base into a canned-pumpkin color, which I do not share kinship with (neither did Rie). Three months into it, I finally got it. Rie loved it and I sent it to the lab. A few weeks later, I was mixing something else and I thought—what the *eek is that? Well, the blues ran the orange into a muddy imbroglio again, making the pigments unstable. I quickly reworked the game plan, I actually hunted down and brought in the orange sherbet of my childhood, you know, the kind in a tub with swirls of different colors and added a mélange of periwinkle, pink and orange shimmer to float on the glaze without losing the integrity of the bright orange. True story, “Rie” stands for Marie Antoinette, so we say—let them eat sherbet!
RBL NailsandNoms - 1
RBL NailsandNoms - 2
RBL NailsandNoms - 3
RBL NailsandNoms - 4
Okay, so you all KNOW I’m going to be biased as hell here but I absolutely LOVE the way that my polish NailsandNoms turned out! The shimmer is so dense and it really does look like sherbert on your nails (which is what I happily squealed at Ji once we finally nailed the color after the umpteenth test run)! The microscopic orange shimmer is reminiscent of glass flecks, while the pink shimmer comes out to play in most light settings. The periwinkle shimmer likes to play in low light as well, and it really comes out to shine in the sun. I cannot WAIT to put this on my toes once it’s warm enough for beach weather where I live!

NailsandNoms has a slightly jelly-mostly creme tangerine finish that is PACKED with shimmer. I used 3 coats here, but you could probably get away with 2 if you have shorter nails. You’ll definitely need topcoat with her because she’s so bright that it dries with a satin/semi-matte finish.
RBL NailsandNoms - 5
And here’s NailsandNoms with camera flash, aka simulated sunlight when you’re swatching nail polish at 4am. 😉 But you NEED to see this one in actual daylight, the shimmer is CRAZY. 😀

Kellie Gonzo

RBL Kellie Gonzo (Kellie)
Kellie luves her sparkles and glittahs. She wanted a pink-coral happiness that captures her bright, sunny, and bubbly personality; a color that shoots out with her warm-hearted twinkles. At first, I made her the most intense bright coral that we both fell hard for, but then, its legal neon pigments started separating, making the polish a big, hot mess. This color took the longest to color match, it pushes on the edge of bright pink coral without adding any neon pigments—and I can feel Kellie’s smile beaming from the bottle—it’s so her.
RBL Kellie Gonzo - 1
RBL Kellie Gonzo - 2
RBL Kellie Gonzo - 3
RBL Kellie Gonzo - 4
OOOOHHMIGOSH! Is it considered cheating if I say that I love Kellie Gonzo as much as my own NailsandNoms?! 😉 Kellie Gonzo is a super squishy coral jelly with sparse pink, orange-y copper and silver glitter. I just.. DIE. I don’t own anything like this and it was a dream to apply. 4 thin coats needed (tis the nature of jellies) and incredibly glossy without topcoat. It reminds me of blinged out grapefruit! 😛
RBL Kellie Gonzo - 5
Here’s a shot of Kellie Gonzo with flash. How is it possible that it’s even MOAR gorgeous!? Witchcraft.


RBL Liberty (Pam of Polish Police)
From the opposite time zone on the other side of the globe, Pammy and I worked together on Facetime to race against the clock. She has a true-blue infatuation with Pizzicato and she demanded Pizzicato’s mint-green sister. Of course, I had to add a pinch of blue shimmer here and there to make it—sister worthy. Our most hilarious and surprising moment came when it was time to name her polish—she actually choked! Yup, our Pammy, one of my favorite authors. She thought naming the polish would be easy and fun—she now knows my pain. But this name is spot on—I see an image of the majestic Lady Liberty gleaming with reflective glass-flecks, shimmering on a warm, sunny day while I stand on the deck of the Staten Island Ferry, my hair blowing wildly against the wind, mesmerized by her presence and the symbol for what she represents.
RBL Liberty - 1
RBL Liberty - 2
RBL Liberty - 3
RBL Liberty - 4
If nail polish was like a sport, I would consider this the completion of a nail polish hat-trick! Liberty is absolutely GORGEOUS. You all know how much I love seafoam greens. And actually, when Ji first asked if I wanted to be part of the second blogger collection my first choice was a seafoam green! But Pammy beat me to it, and I bow down because her vision of Liberty is PERFECTION! This beauty also features delicate teal and silver shimmer that can be seen in almost all lighting. I’ve been wearing it for days now and I can’t stop staring at my nails! 3 easy coats here, no issues with the formula.
RBL Liberty - 5
Lady Liberty with camera flash, a vision of beauty y’all. ♥

Fashion Polish

RBL Fashion Polish (Sam)
I’ve never worked with anyone who had actually mixed (frankened) nail polish before. When Sam and I were DM-ing each other, this made me nervous; I was humbled and excited. It was refreshing to know that she had her own technical challenge. She wanted to incorporate her deep affection for black base nail polish with gold and red glitters. The black pigment’s weight issue with the floating glitter ratio was indeed a challenge for me as well. Sam sent me a photo of a breathtaking sunset that bleeds into the golden sunlight. Red clouds coat-tail into the blackest of the night. I mixed six versions of the color and shipped it to her home in France, ridiculously wishing that I, too, could shrink and sneak into her shipping box and be whisked away to France.
RBL Fashion Polish - 1
RBL Fashion Polish - 2
RBL Fashion Polish - 3
RBL Fashion Polish - 4
I took one look at Fashion Polish when it arrived and I immediately decided that this was 100% a bona-fide Sam color! An edgy yet sophisticated black jelly base filled with pink, green, gold, and red glitter that was easy to apply. I was satisfied after 3 coats, but it has great coverage so you may be able to get away with 2 coats. One layer of top coat (I used my RBL top coat and base coat for all swatches today) was enough for a smooth surface, but I think I may do a Gelous/ChG Fast Forward top coat combo the next time I sport this bay boy… Or naughty girl? I don’t know, personification of nail polish is sometimes difficult. 😉
RBL Fashion Polish - 5
Flash shot of Fashion Polish. ^_^

Scrangie 2.0

RBL Scrangie 2.0
Naturally, I tagged Queen Scrangie first, who can forget what we’ve made together already? And, of course, she wanted that elusive nailpolish-goliath. A black oil slick with a multifaceted ring visible in lowlight. I, too, have had this effect on my wish list for as long as I can remember. We tried unconventional raw materials that failed miserably after months of mixing. After six intense months, the end result is a polish that contains isolated oil rings, it is the color of an oil base that floats on water with rainbow sparkles, it shifts from shade to shade depending on the light that is cast on it.
RBL Scrangie 2.0 - 1
RBL Scrangie 2.0 - 2
RBL Scrangie 2.0 - 3
RBL Scrangie 2.0 - 4
Scrangie 2.0 is a complex beast! And when I say that it is with the utmost praise. 😉 She is a blackened bronze-y metallic green that is filled with blue/maroon/wtfbbq shimmer. It kinda makes me head want to explode with glee. I’ve been wearing a combined mani with Scrangie 2.0 and Liberty and I cannot stop ogling my own nails! Amazing formula, 2 coats needed at most or 1 carefully applied thick coat. JUST LOOK AT THAT MACRO. LOOK AGAIN. All is right with the world. :)
RBL Scrangie 2.0 - 5
One more shot of Scrangie 2.0 with camera flash.

An Accidental Interloper

RBL An Accidental Interloper (Ji)
Who is the nail blogger behind this color? ’Tis I, an interloper who is not a nail blogger–shameless I know. When we were in the beginning stages of mixing Liberty, Pammy mentioned that we needed some kind of silver in our RBL family. For me, making a unique silver color was an obstacle I had yet to solve for many years. I have numerous bottles in my RBL cemetery drawers sitting there like rejected sleeping beauties. Yet, it was impossible to stop my hands and my foolish heart from trying again. I mixed, searched my polish graveyard, reawakened, remixed and re-married pigments to achieve this silver goddess with an edge faceted by multi-shimmer hues. It’s a silver palette I can embrace as a part of the RBL family. Please forgive me??
RBL An Accidental Interloper - 1
RBL An Accidental Interloper - 2
RBL An Accidental Interloper - 3
An Accidental Interloper is a blue-toned gun-metal silver with pink, green and teal microshimmer. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this one, but it’s a lot more complex than what you see with the naked eye. Upon closer inspection you see just how jam-packed it is with shimmer! Formula on this one was similar to Scrangie 2.0, thick yet easy to work with. 2 coats here, but again I barely needed that 2nd coat. 1 could work well on shorter nails or with careful application.
RBL An Accidental Interloper - 4
Flash camera shot of An Accidental Interloper. The shimmer really comes out to play here. :)

Final Thoughts:

It’s been a long year and a half of throwing ideas back and forth with Ji. And receiving words of encouragement and advice from my roomie Brenda and my wonderful boyfriend Chad (who were both very good at keeping this all a secret for soooooo long!). And I’m so very thrilled with the end result, and the fact that I can finally tell people about it! I seriously burst into tears when I got the final blogger collection in the mail and saw my polish in its final form. I feel like all of my hard work and sharing my love of nail polish has paid off in little moments like this. And I cannot stop grinning like a fool. 😀

But anyway, enough gushing from me and let’s get back to evaluating the 6 polishes in this collection. *ahem* I’ve always thought that RBL was lacking in the orange department, so I’m thrilled that my baby NailsandNoms is part of the family now. You all definitely need that one. Just sayin’. 😀 My other top picks are Kellie Gonzo, and Liberty. But Scrangie 2.0, Fashion Polish and An Accidental Interloper are a close 2nd place! I cannot wait to do ALL THE NAIL ART with this collection. I think that An Accidental Interloper and Scrangie 2.0 will be excellent for stamping! And I already plan on doing a gradient with NailsandNoms and Kellie Gonzo! Plus I need to show you all the pretty mani I wore over the weekend with Scrangie 2.0 and Liberty! Okay, so maybe they’re ALL my favorite. 😉

Oh! And don’t forget to hop on over to the other ladies’ blogs to see their lovely swatches too: Scrangie, Kellie Gonzo, Pammy of Polish Police, Sam of Fashion Polish!

Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. The pre-sale date is set for 6/28 at noon (12pm), so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Bloggers Collection 2.0 pre-order! If you can’t do the pre-sale don’t worry, the date that this collection will be available for the public is still forthcoming. :)

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.

And for updates on new collections, release dates, etc., you can follow Rescue Beauty Lounge on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+!



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Review: My First Pretty Serious Nail Polish Swatches!


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Morning Everyone!

I’m super excited to be sharing a brand that I’ve been admiring from afar for a while. I’ve been wanting to try out Pretty Serious Cosmetics nail polishes for quite some time now, but I just hadn’t gotten around to snagging any of them. They were part of my pretty hefty “Must Try Eventually” list of indie brands. 😉

So when Kaz shot me a message asking if I wanted to try a few of her little gems I practically squealed! And then immediately said hell yes. 😉

She’s shared four lovelies from her Seriously Random collection for me to show you all today. Let’s check out my Pretty Serious nail polish swatches right meow!



Pretty Serious - Cybernetic 1
Pretty Serious - Cybernetic 2
THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO… Haha, sorry I had to do it. The name of this nail polish reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of Aqua Teen Hunger Force with the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future. It was the great circuiting… 😀

But I digress, this Cybernetic nail polish is a gorgeous blue, teal, and purple glitter mixture in a blue jelly base. It’s absolutely beautiful and so fun to look at! Application for this one was fairly easy, this is 3 coats for full coverage.
Pretty Serious - Cybernetic 3
Here’s a macro shot for you all. Cybernetic is easily one of my favorites from the bunch. ^_^

My Darlin’ Clementine

Pretty Serious - My Darlin Clementine 1
Pretty Serious - My Darlin Clementine 2
YAAAAAAAASSSSS!! So obviously I absolutely adore My Darlin’ Clementine. Orange is one of my absolute favorite colors and this nail polish does not disappoint in hue saturation or formula. 3 easy as pie coats for shiny orange jelly goodness with golden shimmer. This shimmer looks almost green before I put on my nails, but it’s definitely a golden hue (at least to me) after applied. ^_^
Pretty Serious - My Darlin Clementine 3
DAT MACRO SHOT. My Darlin’ Clementine definitely had the easiest formula to work with out of the four that I swatched from this collection.

Purple Monkey Dishwasher

Pretty Serious - Purple Monkey Dishwasher 1
Pretty Serious - Purple Monkey Dishwasher 3
The name for this one cracks me up. I’m looking forward to the facial expression of the person I tell that I’m wearing Purple Monkey Dishwasher on my nails. 😛 Purple jelly base packed with purple glitter (Pretty Serious Cosmetics informs us that this nail polish contains no actual monkeys 😉 ). This one gave me the most issues with application. It’s a little thicker maybe than the other three I tried from this collection, and I must not have waited long enough between coats for this one because I had some cuticle/tip dragging issues on a few nails. I think the next time I wear Purple Monkey Dishwasher I’ll double my wait time between coats. I have 3 coats shown here.
Pretty Serious - Purple Monkey Dishwasher 4
Macro shot! I love how well the glitter coats up to the tips without any bald patches. ^_^

Grimm Demise

Pretty Serious - Grimm Demise 2
Pretty Serious - Grimm Demise 3
Another awesomely named nail polish from Pretty Serious, Grimm Demise is a gorgeous green glitter (alliteration win!) with a green jelly base. I’m a huuuuuge fan on folklore and urban legends, with the Grimm’s Fairy Tales being some of my favorites. Frau Totenkinder of the Fables comic series also comes to mind when I see this color and hear the name. ^_^ This is 3 thin coats of Grimm Demise, easy peasy application.
Pretty Serious - Grimm Demise 4
And of course a macro shot. I hate that this one came out so blurry! It looked so great in my preview window on my camera. I’m blaming the nargles.

Final Thoughts:

I’m pretty fricken pleased with my first nail polishes ever from Pretty Serious Cosmetics! The pigmentation for each of them is great and other than the thicker formula of Purple Monkey Dishwasher (still lol’ing at that name) they were all very easy to work with! My two easy favorites are tied between My Darlin’ Clementine (duh) and Cybernetic, with Grimm Demise in at a close second place.

Purchase Info:

Pretty Serious Cosmetics nail polishes are Big 3 Free and Formaldehyde Resin Free. They are also vegan and cruelty free for those that require that in a nail polish!

Retail cost is $9.95 per 11ml bottle of nail polish, and they can be purchased right at Pretty Serious Cosmetics’ website. They ship worldwide out of Australia, so please check their Shipping & Returns policies as shipping costs and stipulations may vary country to country. You can also check out their ‘Also Available At…’ link for where to buy internationally. ^_^

* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

Review: Rescue Beauty Lounge Emoting Me Collection For Spring 2013!


* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

Emoting Me Collection 1

Morning Everyone!!

I hope you’re all doing well this fine Thursday afternoon! Work has been keeping me plenty busy this month, as I’m averaging about 50-55 hours per week lately! But I managed to find time to play with the new Rescue Beauty Lounge Emoting Me collection that Ji sent me for review! :)

Ji of Rescue Beauty Lounge had this to say about her newest collection:

“May my goods come out greater than my own, every time I walk
towards your path. Please usher my footfalls, guide me to be where
to be, what to do, what to say, what to write, and to whom. Let me
embrace every moment you’ve given to me with clear vision,
strength, peace, love and grace. Let me be with you every moment
to moment in your magical kingdom. Let me be at your service, my
heart is open to you and use me for something greater than my own.
Thank you for your abundance, blessings, and your love. Thank you
for this beautiful gift of today.”

This is my daily mantra and how I greet each day. I subconsciously
and consciously recite it from that exquisite place sandwiched
between my sleepy-dreamy blur and the lustering lights of a brand
new morning. It took me many years of seeking, practicing, and
learning to reach this point in my life. I feel stripped naked, revealing

and sharing my private daily mantra, but this is my story and also the
story that is within all of us: we are all emoting.

I’m convinced that if one is ready to truly learn, this generous
universe paves the road in front of us. The trick is knowing when to
admit the desire to take that first baby step.

Sadly for me, my desire to take this first step came five years ago,
when my beloved mother-in-law suddenly left this earth. Our sunny,
delightful home came under a dark gray rolling fog that thickened
with our gloom. Lingering questions struck me during this time: Can
emotional darkness be contagious? Are we enjoying this sorrowful
place just a tad too much? It was time for me to open my own eyes
and to start my first step toward my own path and to seek my true
self. I became an observer of my own life.

I read self-help books and came across many sparklingly wise words
and phrases that we’re told should accompany our daily lives. But by
painfully peeling the layers off of my own ego, I learned that I’m
responsible for my own emotions and the energy I give out.

My everyday practice is simple: I’ve stopped labeling myself. I’m not
so evolved that I levitate in the lotus position in the snowy mountains
wearing my flowing pair of tai chi pants. I process and feel every
emotion, just like everyone on this earth, but I keep my daily ego in
check by knowing that I’m responsible for what I give out and what I

No matter what the circumstances, these are the seven words I
repeat persistently:

The seven words she mentions are the seven nail polishes that made up the Emoting Me Collection. I used the RBL base coat and top coat for all my swatches shown here today. Let’s more on the lovely lacquers, shall we? 😉


Thank You

Thank You 1
Thank You 2
Because I’m my own worst critic, I first thank myself, then I thank
others, and lastly, I thank the universe. I know that I am loved and,
even in negative circumstances, in order to grow, lessons must be
learned. It may be tough in the beginning, but when I close my eyes
in gratitude and start with a bare, neutral nude, a cast of beatific

Opalescent pink shimmers radiates with thankfulness.

The shimmer in Thank You is so pretty! At first I initially thought it was just a golden shimmer, but in different lighting it shifts to a pink and then green! I have never been disappointed by a RBL nude shade and Thank You is no exception. I used 3 thin coats here to achieve the level of opacity I prefer.
Thank You 3
I tried my best to capture the subtle shimmer in Thank You. In this photo you see a mostly gold shimmer and at the curves of my nail you can just make out the shift to pink. The green shift didn’t want to come out and play for my camera, haha!

Be Humble

Be Humble 1
Be Humble 2
I know that I can’t be too self-congratulatory or judge others. I always
remind myself to stay modest. I try to grey out my ego with this taupe
lightness and allow hope to float in pink, blue, and lavender

Be Humble is so stinkin’ pretty!! This light taupe has a lot of lavender undertones and the hidden shimmer is a great addition. I couldn’t stop staring at my nails when I had it on. This would be a great work appropriate shade with a nice little punch from the subtle shimmer to kick it up a bit. The formula for Be Humble was slightly thicker than the others in this collection, but not so thick that it caused too many issues with application. 2 careful coats is all you need, maybe 3 if you don’t wait long enough between coats for it to dry.
Be Humble 3
The subtle shimmer comes out to play a bit in this macro shot of Be Humble. ^_^


Forgiveness 1
Forgiveness 2
To forgive and to ask for forgiveness is the ultimate emotional
cleanser, but why is it so difficult for me to open my heart and admit
that I’m wrong? Guilt and regret are useless emotions. When I forgive
someone, or even when I forgive myself, I step into the serene
opaqueness of this dove-lavender color and then I am able to let go
and move on.

I definitely agree with Ji on this one. I have no room in my life for regret, I take everything as a learning experience. ^_^

Forgiveness is a gorgeous muted lavender creme, 3 thin coats here. And WOW is it ever glossy, even before top coat! This one got the BSOA (Boyfriend Seal Of Approval) and was dubbed as a “really cool shade of purple”. Lavender my dear, lavender. 😉 Application was a breeze and the formula was thin and easy to work with.


Smile 1
Smile 2
First, I always smile at the sky at least once a day. It is a privilege to
be in this universe. When I lift my face to the sun and bask in its
gloriousness, I blink my eyes and see this dazzling red light, a neutral
red, and full of sunny, shimmery goodness. Like a smile, this color is

OMGGGGGGG Smile is a faaaabulous nail polish! This little beauty is a vibrant shade of coral-red with pink undertones that is filled with orange micro-shimmer. I’ve power-marathoned through seasons 2-5 of Mad Men over the past weekend to catch up to the season 6 premiere. And everyone had such gorgeous manicures on that show, it had me craving a red shade to wear on my digits. Smile landing in my lap on Monday afternoon was a sign from the heavens. 😛

I used 3 coats here but you could probably get away with 2 coats on shorter nails.
Smile 3
Macro shot to try to capture the shimmer in Smile. It’s extremely subtle but it can be seen in indoor and outdoor lighting.


Pause 1
Pause 2
Violet is the color of the chakra that marks the union of the soul with
the body, mind, and divine consciousness. With this come bliss,
satisfaction, and rest. Being in the present moment is probably the
hardest challenge I have. When I stare at the depth of this multi-
faceted mid-violet silky shimmer and be at one with this color and
nothing else, then I know I am in my present moment.

Because my digital camera gets blue and purples confused regularly, I thought I was going to have issues capturing the true royal purple color of Pause. But this is quite accurate hue-wise to how it appears in person. The shimmer is much more prominent in real life though and my camera did take issue with the glowy fuchsia and pink micro shimmer. I just could not get it to play nice for my camera!

Pause has great coverage and a superb formula. All I needed was 2 coats here.
Pause 3
This is as good a shot of the micro-shimmer as I could get of Pause. Pictures really do not do this one justice, you just have to see it in person. ^_^

Become One

Become One 1
Become One 2
I imagine that one brilliantly sunny day in April when I looked up to
see the sun flickering through a cascade of innocent leaves. This

Opaque green takes me to those young; verdant leaves in the spring
and reminds me that nature is our best teacher of life cycles.

Become One is a bright grassy green creme. I think everyone needs this shade of green in their collection! But I’m a sucker for anything green so I might be ever so slightly biased. 😉 I actually have 2 other nail polishes in my collection that in my mind seem quite similar to this one, I’ll post a comparison between them soon!  Application was great, I did 3 thin coats here for full opacity.

Turn It Around

Turn It Around 1
Turn It Around 2
Once I understood the universe’s law of polarity, everything made
perfect sense. Negatives can’t exist without positives. If I never allow
pain to wash over me, then joy becomes meaningless. From this
color’s dark mossy green pond, a vivid, glittering cast of copper
shimmer welcomes me back to joy.

Turn It Around… Oh my… Remember like, 2 seconds ago when I said I was a sucker for anything green? Because HOLY SHIZZZZ I flipped out when I opened the box for this one!! Earthy forest green mixed with chunky flecks of golden-yellow, copper and bronze!

What is this?! I can’t even…!! Mama likes! Turn It Around simultaneously reminds me of Spring and Fall mixed together into liquid nirvana for my nails. 😀 I used 2 coats here and the formula was nice and smooth.
Turn It Around 3
Just… Look… At… That… SHIMMERRRR!! I was not expecting a shade like this for a Spring collection, and I am SO here for this right now. 😉

Be Humble vs. Insouciant vs. Forgiveness

Be Humble vs Insouciant vs Forgiveness
I did do a quickie comparison of RBL Be Humble, Insouciant, and Forgiveness for y’all since I had all three sitting on my swatching [coffee] table. Definitely not dupes, but it’s nice to see a side-by-side every now and then when your memory of the colors gets hazy. ^_^

#1 is Be Humble, #2 is Insouciant and #3 is Forgiveness (3 coats each). All great colors. :)

Final Thoughts:

The Emoting Me collection is another great addition to the Rescue Beauty Lounge family. Each shade has an elegant story behind it and I can completely understand Ji’s vision for each color and what she had in mind as she created each nail polish. My stand-out favorites in this collection are Smile and Turn It Around. Honorable mentions go to Forgiveness, Be Humble and Pause being faves for my boyfriend. Thank You, Forgiveness and Be Humble are great neutral office friendly choices for those that have tone it down for work or if you just prefer softer shades. And while I do love Become One, I’m not entirely sure if it’s a must-have if you already own another grass green creme like it. Though the ones I plan to compare it to may not be readily assessable, so in that case… Become One is a possible must as well! 😉

Which ones do you like the most?

Purchase Info:

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are exclusively available at for $20 per bottle. The 48 hour Pre-Order starts 4/12/13, so make sure you’re signed up for the newsletter email blast to take advantage of the pre-order! The Emoting Me collection will be available to the public at the end of April.

Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polishes are created with resin and high molecular polymers to improve flexibility, durability, and high shine. They contain no harmful Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Formaldehyde Resin. They do not test on animals.





* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

The Return Of NerdLacquer!! Swatches of The Eye, TDBSLWCHSHITD, and All of Time and Space!



Morning Lovelies!

I honestly didn’t think I would ever be able to say this, but… NERDLACQUER IS BACK Y’ALL!! 😀 I’m so SO thrilled to have Amanda of NerdLacquer back in the indie space. I certainly missed her gorgeous nerdling nail polishes. My first indie nail polishes I ever bought were NerdLacquers back when she had first created her teeny Etsy shop before the indie polish boom. She’d suddenly disappeared one day due to personal life circumstances (which you can read about [HERE] if you have a Google+ account), and I faithfully and patiently hoped for and awaited her return. I’m so so so happy that once again I have to chance to get ALL THE THINGS from her portion of the indie nail polish world. 😀

No joke, I set an alarm to be ready for when she opened her shop for the first time again in almost a year. She had new pretties based on LOTR and I NEEDED THEM. But as I was adding things to my cart it looked as if the two polishes I had eyed up had sold out from under me. Kick dirt, there’s always next time right? So I ended up snagging All of Time and Space, one of her polishes that I’d been lusting after for about a year, and I was content. Fast forward to a week or so later and not only does that one show up, but the two LOTR collection polishes I’d been after were in my package too! I thought at first, WOW, she must have used magic psychic powers and known that I’d wanted those and included them for me. HOW COOL!

But see-what-had-happened-was… That I had already bought them via paypal, but forgotten about it in my panicked nail polish shopping frenzy. Derp. 😉 Well, I’m happy that in my blackout I managed to snag ’em so let’s get to showing them!


The Eye

NerdLacquer - The Eye 1
NerdLacquer - The Eye 2
NerdLacquer - The Eye 3
The Eye is a cayenne red-orange jelly packed with black, orange, gold, red, and holographic glitter. It’s based on (you guessed it…) The Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This is definitely my favorite of her newbies and the one I was after the most. The application was great and I only needed 2 coats for opacity!
NerdLacquer - The Eye 4
I love that Amanda included THE EYE on the top of my bottle. Anyone else get one on theirs? 😀


TDB… OMG the name on this one!! O__O TDBSLWCHSHITD stands for “THE DWARF BREATHES SO LOUD WE COULD HAVE SHOT HIM IN THE DARK” according to Amanda’s description on her shop page. Once I read that it made me lol heartily. I wasn’t sure how I would like this one but after seeing it in person I’m sold.

I’m just gonna drop the rest of her description here because it’s made of win:

“Soft gold-flecked spring green of Lothlorien. A sunny green shimmer plus loads of white, golden, and leaf-green glitter on your fingertips will make you feel like you’re in Galadriel’s own garden…with a snotty elf making snide remarks about your lack of intrusion skills.”

I used 2 coats here. It was a little lumpy without top coat so keep that in mind if you prefer a smooth finish. The glitter likes to hide inside the base at times, so thin coats work best. ^_^

All of Time and Space

NerdLacquer - All Of Time and Space 1
NerdLacquer - All Of Time and Space 2
NerdLacquer - All Of Time and Space 3
And lastly, one of the classic NerdLacquer nail polishes that I had been lusting after since the beginning — All of Time and Space! This nail polish is beautiful! The Doctor Who themed AoTaS is an ethereal semi-sheer crystalline minty turquoise with silver shimmer, plus silver and fuchsia glitter. I used 3 coats here, but perhaps could have used a 4th to make sure my tips were fully covered. I cannot wait to layer this with my baby blue and pale greens! Or maybe purple to match with my purple version of one of my favorite hoodies from Threadless!

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope you all enjoyed my mini NerdLacquer spam! I actually have 2 or 3 more that I’ve yet to share with you on the blog. I must get around to correcting that, eh? 😉

And for those that want to stay updated on NerdLacquer releases, looks like the only sure-fire way to get updates directly from Amanda herself is to follow her on NerdLacquer’s Google+ Page. You can also randomly stalk her e-shop, for updates like I do. 😛 I am almost positive that she is restocking TODAY at 3pm CST!!

I do know that both Harlow & Co. and Ninja Polish plan to begin stocking NerdLacquer nail polishes again soon, so it might be in your best interest to (politely!!) e-stalk these gals too. 😉

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