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Review: Paint Box Polish Summer Heat Collection for Summer 2013!


The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

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Paint Box Polish Summer Heat Collection (Summer 2013)

Morning Everyone!

Today I’ve got three out of the five nail polishes from the upcoming Paint Box Polish Summer Heat collection! Pam (creator of Paint Box Polish) sent me these babies and I really enjoyed them! She created this collection after she was inspired by the bright and energetic colors of her Zumba classes. ^_^

Since I wanted a glass smooth finish, I did use Glitter Tamer and a thick top coat (China Glaze Fast Forward) for these swatches. πŸ˜€



Booty Pop

Paint Box Polish - Booty Pop 1

Paint Box Polish – Booty Pop

Paint Box Polish - Booty Pop 2

Paint Box Polish – Booty Pop

Paint Box Polish - Booty Pop 3

Paint Box Polish – Booty Pop

Paint Box Polish - Booty Pop 4

Paint Box Polish – Booty Pop

Booty Pop is a highlighter yellow jelly-creme hybrid with blue shimmer and black square and circle glitters. This one had a super easy to work with formula, which isn’t a simple feat with yellow pigments! I did 3 coats of Booty Pop by itself here. ^_^

Sweat It Off

Paint Box Polish - Sweat It Off 1

Paint Box Polish – Sweat It Off

Paint Box Polish - Sweat It Off 2

Paint Box Polish – Sweat It Off

Paint Box Polish - Sweat It Off 3

Paint Box Polish – Sweat It Off

Paint Box Polish - Sweat It Off 4

Paint Box Polish – Sweat It Off

Sweat It Off is a peachy neon creme with opalescent shimmer and black circle and square glitter. The formula on this one was a little bit temperamental on the first 2 coats, but after 3 coats it evened itself out. You will definitely need topcoat with this one to make it super glossy since it dries with a satin finish. Formula aside, Sweat It Off was a favorite for both my boyfriend and me!

Everybody’s Doing It

Paint Box Polish - Everybody's Doing It 1

Paint Box Polish – Everybody’s Doing It

Paint Box Polish - Everybody's Doing It 2

Paint Box Polish – Everybody’s Doing It

Paint Box Polish - Everybody's Doing It 3

Paint Box Polish – Everybody’s Doing It

Paint Box Polish - Everybody's Doing It 4

Paint Box Polish – Everybody’s Doing It

Everybody’s Doing It is a goooorrrgeous neon pink jelly-creme hybrid with blue shimmer and black circle and square glitter. This one had a nice thin and easy to work with formula just like Booty Pop. I used 3 coats here, but you could easily get away with 2 if you have shorter nails. πŸ˜‰


Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed the nail polishes that I got to try from this collection! The square and circle glitters were very easy to apply, no fishing required! And I was able to achieve an opaque and finished look at 3 coats, which is not always the case with neons. Pam did mention to me that these layered over white make them REALLY pop so I’ll have to try that next time I wear them. ^_^

All three were great though, bothΒ Booty Pop and Sweat It Off got the BSoA (Boyfriend Seal of Approval) and I really loved… ALL of them, haha! I actually plan on going back to snag the two I’m missing from the collection (a neon green and a bright Tardis blue!) once it’s released. πŸ˜€

Purchase Info:

The Paint Box Polish Summer Heat collection will be available for purchase from the Paint Box Polish Etsy shop beginning on June 26th. These will only be available as full-sized bottles, which retail at $9.00 per bottle of polish.

And the ever wonderful Pam was kind enough to create a coupon code for you lovely folk who read my humble little blog. When you enter NOMSSUMMER20 at checkout you’ll get an additional 20% off your purchase! This coupon is good for the next 30 days folks! ^_^

And for more updates on new collections and stocking info, you can follow Paint Box Polish on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@paintboxpolish).




* The product(s) in this post were sent to me for unbiased review consideration.

For more information, check out my Disclosure Policy.

Review: My Pretty And Polished Mathematical!! Collection Picks!


Pretty and Polished Mathematical Collection

Oh My Glob Everyone!

I was so friggin pumped when I realized that Pretty and Polished was making the Mathematical!! collection based off the show Adventure Time! As you may well know by now, my boyfriend and I are completely obsessed with the show. We even dressed up at Princess Bubblegum and Finn for Halloween! I set my alarm for the minute these got released and snagged 5 minis from the 8 polish collection. I’ll more than likely go back for the full sized bottles at some point because this collection is totally shmowzow!

If you’re not familiar with Adventure Time, I’ll try to briefly describe it to you. It’s an American tv show on Cartoon Network that follows a 14-year-old boy named Finn the Human and his yellow dog named Jake (who has magical powers) through the post-apocalyptic world called Land of Ooo. Some other outstanding characters in the show are: Princess Bubblegum, the ruler of Candy Kingdom; The Ice King, kinda evil but mostly just wants to marry all the PRINCESSES!!; Lumpy Space Princess, who is pretty much a lumpy valley girl; Marceline, the coolest sorta evil-but-not-really hipster vampire; Lady Rainicorn, Jake’s girlfriend (he’s the only one that understand what she’s saying…) who is half rainbow and half unicorn; and Beemo/BMO,Β  the most adorable handheld gaming system ever. There are TONS of other characters and lots of back-story. So if you enjoy reading check out the wiki and wikia pages! ^_^

Enough of my rambling, let’s get to the swatches! πŸ˜€


I’m Not A Banana!

Pretty and Polished - I'm Not A Banana! 1
Pretty and Polished - I'm Not A Banana! 2
Pretty and Polished - I'm Not A Banana! 3
First up is I’m Not A Banana! This one is based on Jake the Dog. The yellow jelly is a perfect match for his fur color, and I love the black and white hex glitter! This one was pretty sheer but I was able to build it to an opacity I liked after 4 coats. I didn’t have any issue with getting the hex glitter out of the bottle and it dried relatively quickly for as much as I used. I’ll have to search through my yellows to see if I have something similar to layer it with next time. Maybe Cult Nails Feel Me Up? :)

King Of C-C-Cool

Pretty and Polished - King of C-C-Cool 1
Pretty and Polished - King of C-C-Cool 2
Pretty and Polished - King of C-C-Cool 3
King of C-C-Cool is based on the Ice King and it’s so awesome! I have nothing like this polish in my collection at all. It’s a blue squishy creme/jelly base filled with blue micro-shimmer, tiny red square glitter, blue and yellow hex glitter, and white diamond glitter! I absolutely LOVE this one. I used 3 coats here and had no issues getting a good amount of each type of glitter on my nails. No dabbing necessary even though there’s so much going on! πŸ˜€


Pretty and Polished - My Lumps 1
Pretty and Polished - My Lumps 2
Pretty and Polished - My Lumps 3
My Lumps represents the ever awesome Lumpy Space Princess, and is a sheer purple jelly filled with yellow and purple glitter shards and blurple micro-shimmer. This was the only one I chose to layer out of the group. It looked too sheer to build up on its own but in hindsight I believe you can get this one to opacity after 4 coats. Shown here is 3 coats over A England Guinevere. You can’t even really see my base polish at all anymore (except for maybe my pinky which I think I accidentally only did 2 coats of My Lumps :P).

This is another unique one for me in my collection. I loved the yellow flash in the purple! The glitter was fairly easy to place, just make sure you wait between coats so you don’t drag it. And a good top coat will keep the surface smooth.


Pretty and Polished - Peebles 1
Pretty and Polished - Peebles 2
Pretty and Polished - Peebles 3
Peebles is named after Princess Bubblegum (who is often referred to as PB or Peebles in the show). This one is a squishy bubblegum pink jelly with fuchsia micro-shimmer and pink and yellow hex glitter. I looooooove this one, but I may be partial because PB is my favorite character in the show. πŸ˜› I used 3 coats here.

The Young Hero

Pretty and Polished - The Young Hero 1
Pretty and Polished - The Young Hero 2
And lastly, we have The Young Hero! This one is named after Finn the Human and it’s another favorite for me in the collection. The Young Hero is a squishy white creme/jelly hybrid filled with blue and yellow small glitters, small blue hex glitter, light blue square glitter and light green hex glitter. LOVE!

I’ve been wearing this one for a few days now. The cashier as PetSmart stopped me dead in the middle of my transaction to gush about my nails when I had this on! She thought I’d put the glitter in there myself. πŸ˜›
Pretty and Polished - The Young Hero 3
Pretty and Polished - The Young Hero 4
You all get TWO macro shots of The Young Hero because you’re that special to me, haha. That and you can see the green hex glitter in the first macro. πŸ˜‰

Application for The Young Hero was a little tricky. It was hard to get it to level out to even coat on some nails but I managed to get it all under control at 4 thin coats. If you wait between coats or layer it over a white base (I didn’t do either of those things, haha) you might have an easier time of it. But it was totally worth the effort because this final result is effing gorgeous!
Pretty and Polished - Mathematical Bottle Shot 1
Pretty and Polished - Mathematical Bottle Shot 2
And here’s a few bonus shots of the mini bottles with the new Pretty and Polished labels. I love that each bottle has little colored polish drops that reflect the colors inside each individual polish! Very cute!


Final Thoughts:

Even if I weren’t partial to Adventure Time I would still give my picks from this collection an A+++++! Every single polish from the collection is entirely unique to my stash and they all have something great to offer. Not to mention, they’re just so dang fun! I think each one accurately represents the whimsical (and slightly off the wall) nature of the television show, and each polish is a perfect representation of the characters that inspired them. Dare I say that if I made a top 10 indie collection list for 2012, the Mathematical!! collection would be on that list for sure!

Do you need these? Get the math outta here with that question, heck yeah you need them! πŸ˜€

Purchase Info:

The entire Pretty and Polished Mathematical!! collection can be purchased from their online store, Each polish retails at $5.00 for the mini and $9 for the full sized bottle. You can also still find Pretty and Polished on her Etsy Shop.

For updates and previews of new collections, follow Pretty and Polished on Facebook and Twitter!

NerdLacquer Firefly Series – Swatches & Review!


NerdLacquer - Firefly Series

Hey Everyone!

I’m super excited to show you this collection today! I got my hands on the NerdLacquer Firefly Series minis a few weeks ago and I finally had time to swatch them yesterday. πŸ˜€ I’ve been drooling over pretty much EVERY NerdLacquer polish on Amanda Collier’s Etsy shop since early December. I even got a few of them for friends at Christmas time, but these are the first that I can call my own! You may not have realized this by now, but I am a super nerd and her polishes are right up my ally. As soon as my friend told me she’d released a collection based on the Serenity/Firefly series I pounced!

The sci-fi space western tv series Firefly and the accompanying movie Serenity are hands down one of my favorites and I am a super fangirl when it comes to that show/movie. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve re-watched the series and the movie over the past 10 years (has it really been that long!?). So basically I’m a Browncoat for life! πŸ˜›

Shiny. Let’s move right on to the swatches, shall we? I used Sally Hansen Nail Quencher Base Coat and Seche Vite top coat for my swatches today. I’m going to use Amanda’s descriptions for the polishes because they’re made of win and awesome. ^_^



NerdLacquer - Gorramit
NerdLacquer - Gorramit
NerdLacquer - Gorramit
GORRAMIT is a cantankerous golden yellow with silver and gold microglitter, gold glitter, medium square red glitter, and multiple sizes of copper and rust hexagonal glitter. A little feisty, but easy on the eyes, and quite opaque in two coats. Keep away from liquor, women, and firearms.

So I frickin LOVE this polish! It’s such a beautiful goldenrod yellow and I have nothing like this in my collection. *le swoon* And true to her word, I barely needed 2 coats to reach opacity. And even with the glitter party going on in this polish Gorramit applied like buttah!
NerdLacquer - Gorramit
Look at this macro. Click on this macro. Die happy. Favorite. Yellow. EVER. β™₯


NerdLacquer - Shiny
NerdLacquer - Shiny
NerdLacquer - Shiny
SHINY is a clear sky blue with sapphire shift, silver and white microglitter, ultrafine opalescent blue glitter, multiple sizes of silver hex glitter, plus medium square white and silver glitter. It’s spacey, it’s cool, it’s synonymous with “fine,” and it’s very shiny indeed. Quite opaque in two coats, and surprisingly smooth with a single layer of top coat.

Shiny was pretty sheer for me, I had to use 3 coats to reach the level of opacity I preferred. And the square glitter was being difficult at first. But after I inverted the bottle for 15 minutes and scraped the inside down with a toothpick to loosen the glitter from the bottle that did the trick! The things we do for polish. πŸ˜‰
NerdLacquer - Shiny
Here’s your macro shot of Shiny. You’re gonna need to enlarge this one too. The shimmer is gorgeous! I didn’t even notice it until I had it on my nails and I was floored by how pretty it is. πŸ˜€ I may try layering Shiny over a pale blue next time I wear it for a different look.

I Aim To Misbehave

NerdLacquer - I Aim To Misbehave
NerdLacquer - I Aim To Misbehave
NerdLacquer - I Aim To Misbehave
I AIM TO MISBEHAVE is a deep plummy wine base with silver microglitter, medium bronze hexagonal glitter, silver and garnet red glitter and ultra fine bronze glitter, plus a slight blue-shift shimmer. It might seem a little naughty or difficult to get along with, but it’s really pretty easy going. Note that this shade is a gorram glitter bomb, so go heavy with the top coat.

She is NOT kidding about this polish being a hungry glitter. 😯 The swatches above are with two thick coats of Seche Vite. I tried to use just one coat of SV and it was gritty at hell. This is 2 coats of polish.
NerdLacquer - I Aim To Misbehave
You know the drill, enlarge this macro folks! πŸ˜€ I Aim To Misbehave is just so darn pretty! It’s totally worth the effort to make it smooth. I couldn’t stop staring at the fine multi-colored glitter. It felt like I had jewels encrusted into my nails!
NerdLacquer - I Aim To Misbehave
Here’s a photo of I Aim To Misbehave with just one coat of Seche Vite. Grity City folks, definitely un-shiny. I’m glad I ended up adding a 2nd coat of TC because I was ready to write this one off as a ‘meh’.


Final Thoughts:

Ever since I got my one friend her mini quad gift set for Christmas she has been hooked, now after trying the polishes myself I can totally see why. Do you have to guess? I love, love, LOVE, these polishes! They are close to my fangirl heart and I’m happy I was able to get my hands on them. The names are great, the colors are unique and the formulas are superb. So basically I’m gonna need MOAR NerdLacquer polishes in the immediate future. I’ve got my eyes on her Flying Circus Collection next. πŸ˜€

Purchase Info:

I purchased my 5ml minis as part of the boxed mini quad set, which I think cost $12.00 for 4 mini bottles of polish. You can purchase her regular 15ml bottles of polish for $8.00 each from NerdLacquer’s Etsy Shop, or for $10.00 each from Harlow & Co. She restocks pretty frequently on her Etsy shop so I check (read as STALK) that page pretty regularly for updates. I think Katie from Harlow & Co. is due to receive more inventory in February. ^_^

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