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Introducing The Takko Lacquer Spring 2013 Collection!!


Takko Lacquer Spring 2013 Collection

Morning Ladies!

Let me dust off my keyboard and tell you that I’m SUPER excited to be able to show you the new Takko Lacquer Spring 2013 collection today! Sheryl contacted me a bit ago to see if I’d be willing to review the collection and I of course said yes! I have loved every single one of her beautiful and unique nail polishes in the past so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity the see her new babies. 😉

I was worried that once I got them I’d still be in my non-blogging slump, but once I saw them in person I dusted off my camera and lightbox straight away! Hell, I even managed to swatch a different collection that I’ll be showing you later this week as well. 😀

This post is gonna be PICTURE HEAVY. I couldn’t settle on just 3-4 pictures of one of the polishes and you’ll see why in just a few minutes. So grab a chair and your drool bib, ’cause shit’s about to get real. ^_^



Whimsical 1
Whimsical 2
Whimsical 3
Whimsical is a gorgeous pastel lavender purple with iridescent light blue shimmer. This one had a thicker formula that was the trickiest to work with, but not unsalvageable! It reminded me of the formula for Takko’s The Electric Apple NYC. Thick and doable in one coat you’re very careful. I needed 2 coats here because it didn’t want to level itself. That said, once I added my top coat it smoothed everything out for me that I couldn’t do myself. :p

I’m not usually one for pastels but this one actually works for me! Look ma, no lobster hands! 😉


Glittergasm 1
Glittergasm 2
Glittergasm 3
The name Glittergasm works perfectly for this nail polish. The colors Duke, THE COLORS!! It’s like a glitter explosion in a bottle! And the star glitter actually wasn’t super difficult to get out of the bottle. I had to do very minimal fishing and I managed to get at least one star on almost each nail. On one of my nails I had two stars and I didn’t even realize I’d already pulled one out on the brush. 😛 This is 2 coats of Glittergasm over Whimsical, no ‘dabbing method’ needed.

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko 1
Maneki Neko 2
Maneki Neko 3
Maneki Neko (aka the Lucky Cat) is a gorgeous holographic silver, light gold and green full coverage glitter. This is only 2 coats people!! And even before I added my topcoat this polish was incredibly smooth to the touch. No Gelous or Glitter Tamer needed before I added my top coat. ^_^


Opium 1
Opium 2
Opium 3
Opium is intense!! It’s a murky brownish black jelly but it’s absolutely filled with multichrome shimmer! I took about 89483.5 pictures of Opium to try to capture all of the color shifts from burnt orange, to red, to green, to yellow and back! I apologize if some photos appear a little blurry, but the green shift was shy and only wanted to come out to play in low-light settings.
Opium 5
Opium 6
Opium 4
MOAR color shifts! Application was a breeze, I only needed 2 coats for full coverage!
Opium 8
Opium 9
Opium 7
And a few macro shots so you can get a better look at the shimmer. It’s like a grungy Unicorn Pee. 😛

Pucker Up

Pucker Up 1
Pucker Up 2
Pucker Up 3
YAASSS CORAL!! I love coral nail polishes, it’s as close to me loving a pink nail polish as I can get haha. Pucker Up is a divine shade of coral jelly/creme hybrid with pink and gold shimmer. This is 2 coats and the formula was great.

Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette 1
Marie Antoinette 2
Marie Antoinette 3
And last but definitely not least, Marie Antoinette! I might be slightly partial to this one because that’s my name too. No really, it is. Ask my mom! 😀 Marie Antoinette (teehee!) is a gorgeous pastel blue with pink hidden shimmer. I looooove it! But I’m always a sucker for these baby blue shades. I used 2 coats here, and the formula on this one was perfect.
Marie Antoinette 4
In low light settings the shimmer is quite subtle but still visible.
Marie Antoinette 5
And with direct light the pink shimmer really comes out to play. This polish has my heart. I ended up keeping it on after I finished my swatching session for the night. ^_^

Final Thoughts:

It’s pretty obvious that I’m completely in love with what Sheryl has come out with for the Takko Lacquer Spring 2013 collection. This is one of the few times that I’ve been completely thrilled with a spring collection, which are usually filled with nothing BUT pastels that I can’t get away with on my skintone. I loved the range and variety of hues that she’s offered up with this collection. And even the one ‘problem’ formula wasn’t even really that big of an issue. If I had to pick favorites….. Maneki Neko (hello St. Patty’s Day!!), Marie Antoinette (duh), Opium and Pucker Up.

Which ones did you like the most?

Purchase Info:

Takko Lacquer nail polishes can be purchased at the Takko Lacquer Etsy Shop! They retail between $9-15 per .5 fl oz bottle of polish. She DOES offer international shipping! Check out her shop policy page for more details on that.

Takko Lacquer nail polishes are also now available at Mei Mei’s Signatures. You’ll have to check her e-shop out for pricing and shipping policies. :)

The Takko Lacquer Spring 2013 collection will be available this Friday on Etsy. 😀

To keep up to date with restocking news and other updates you can follow the Takko Lacquer Blog, the Etsy Shop, @TakkoLacquer on Twitter or her new Instagram account!





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31 Day Challenge 2012: Day 21 – Inspired By A Color


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to another day of the 31 Day Challenge 2012! Today’s theme for Day 21 is ‘Inspired By A Color’, which is such a vague theme. I mean… The entire first week of the challenge was inspired by color, don’t ya think? 😉 I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go in with this one so I just did a skittle mani. That’s inspired by several colors, right? 😀


31 Day Challenge 2012 Day 21 – Inspired By A Color!

31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 3
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 2
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 1
I’ve been meaning to play with several of my new glitter polishes that I got last month, so here they are! Let’s see if I remember the names of everything because I’m awesome and didn’t write anything down when I wore this last week. 😀
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 4
Smitten Polish ERMAHGERD, CANDY CORMS. I really… REALLY hate the whole “Ermahgerd” meme so the name of this one drives me up the wall. It was funny at first but it’s seriously been beaten into the ground. -_- But the polish itself is pretty! It was a bit of a pain to work with, goopy/thick but worth the headache. I think if I add thinner it might help.
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 5
This is Accessorize Nail Speckle Bumble Bee. I layered it over OPI Hi, Pumpkin!. This one was a gift to me from my pal Esther in the UK. Thanks lady! 😀
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 6
This is Whimsical Ideas by Pam Wicked! I fell in love with this one after seeing Jen’s swatches. ^_^ I layered it over…. I think Essie Mojito Madness, but I honestly can’t remember anymore.
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 7
This is the other Accessorize Nail Speckle polish that Esther sent me for my birthday. It’s called Butterfly, I layered this one over a white creme. :)
31DC2012 Day 21 - Inspired by Color 8
I think this was my favorite combination! This is OPI Candlelight with 1 coat of Cagedbird Nail Lacquer Hallowishes layered over it. I loooove the combination of the orange, purple and star glitter. I didn’t even have to fish around for the stars, it had perfect application! ^_^

Don’t forget to check out what Sam and Cris did for their day 21 nails! 😀





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NYX Girls Polish: Dreamy Glitter and Gilded Glitter (swatches & review)


NYX Girls Gilded Glitter & NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter

Morning Everyone!

I hope you all are having a good week so far! Today I’ve got two NYX Girls polishes to share with you, Gilded Glitter and Dreamy Glitter. There are a lot of pictures here so I’ll just get right to it. I used Seche Vite top coat and Sally Hansen Nail Quencher base coat for all swatches shown today.


Dreamy Glitter

NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter
NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter
Dreamy Glitter is a fun suspension base glitter filled with star glitter, and iridescent micro-glitter and hex glitter. As with other suspension based glitters, this one can be a little tricky to work with. The hex and star glitter have a tendency to want to hide out inside the bottle. My trick for this is to bring as much of the hex and star glitter up to the neck of the bottle, then pick it up on my brush from there. You also want to wait a bit between coats so you don’t accidentally pick up the glitter you already painted onto your nails. Hopefully that made sense to someone. 😛NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter
NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter
This is two coats of Dreamy Glitter. I decided to layer this over two coats of Dreamy Poppy by Wet n Wild, a pretty bright pink coral creme. Even though Dreamy Glitter is thick, this all dried rather quickly. After a medium thick coat of Seche Vite this layering combo was smooth as glass. I also just now realized as I was typing this that I layered two “dreamy” named polishes together. 😀
NYX Girls Dreamy Glitter
Macro shot of Dreamy Glitter for ya. I need to try layering this over a dark blue or black next. ^_^
And here’s Wet n Wild Dreamy Poppy by itself, I really love this color. ^_^

Gilded Glitter

NYX Girls Gilded Glitter
NYX Girls Gilded Glitter
Gilded Glitter is an extremely versatile polish, and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites to layer with. 😀 It has a clear/gold tinged base with gold micro-glitter and irregular gold flecks.
NYX Girls Gilded Glitter
NYX Girls Gilded Glitter
This is two thin coats of Gilded Glitter layered over one coat of Black Creme by Wet n Wild. Application with this one was much easier than Dreamy Glitter. It has a thin spreadable formula that yielded a lot of glitter per brush stroke.
NYX Girls Gilded Glitter
Macro shot of Gilded Glitter. Click on this photo to enlarge it, you’ll regret it if you don’t. 😉

Final Thoughts:

These are my first two glitters from NYX Girls but they certainly will not be my last. The brand has an extensive nail polish line (including NYX Salon and regular NYX polishes) and the color range is quite massive. The price point is extremely budget friendly so even it I purchase I dud I wouldn’t be devastated. Even though it was a little difficult to work with, I really like Dreamy Glitter. It’s a unique polish and certainly something I didn’t have in my collection previously. I feel the same about Gilded Glitter, the layer possibilities for this one seem endless! You can definitely expect it to make an appearance in future layering experiments (you can see previous layerings [HERE]. ^_^

Purchase Info:

Dreamy Glitter, Gilded Gold, and other NYX Girls nail polishes can be purchased from Retail cost is $1.99/ea for a .43 fl oz sized bottle of polish.

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