Wooden Watch Review – Maria Bamboo


Tense is known for crafting beautiful wooden timepieces that easily grab attention. A Canadian company, Tense was founded in 1971 by clock designer Ken P. Lau, who brings almost 50 years of experience to the workshop everyday. The company offers many wonderfully-designed wooden watches, and Tense Woman’s Maria is certainly one of its best creations.


The Maria has many variations, including dark sandalwood, dual tone sandalwood, maplewood, rosewood and a few others, but this review will be mainly focusing on the elegant Maria bamboo. According to Tense, bamboo has a “higher compressive strength than wood, brick, or concrete and a tensile strength that rivals steels.”



The Maria bamboo has a model designation of SKU | L7007B-BG. Its case measures at 23mm by 10mm by 28mm, all on a 14mm bamboo bracelet. The dial has 12 roman number hour indications and classic looking luminescent hands.


It sports a more vibrant color than the maplewood variant, and can almost substitute a gold timepiece due to its warm tone. This means that you can wear other gold accessories with it without the timepiece looking out of place.



What really sets the Tense Maria bamboo apart from other watches, however, is its unique style, which is also its main selling point. It has heart-shaped links, each being separated by gold beads. Since they’re all banded together with elastic, adjusting the timepiece is as easy as 123—there’s no need to go to the jeweler. The style is incredibly unique and it’s probably impossible to see another timepiece like the Tense Maria. The company certainly has done an awesome job of showcasing this kind of craftsmanship.


As for the bamboo material, it’s definitely high-quality and will only look better with age due to the oil from the user’s skin. The grain gives it character and adds to its attractiveness.


Another great characteristic of the Tense Maria is that it’s very light and comfortable to wear. You might even forget that you’re wearing it. Plus, it doesn’t feel cold against the skin nor does it leave a black or green mark on the wrist. People who don’t normally wear a watch would definitely love it. The timepiece is hypo-allergenic as well and comes with a two-year warranty.


Overall, the Tense Maria bamboo is an impressive timepiece that is sure to please. It’s very eye-catching, and you probably won’t see anyone else with a similar watch. Due to its unique, elegant style, it can be worn with a business suit. It can also be worn as an everyday watch as it matches almost any type of outfit. Despite its style and uniqueness, this watch is actually cheaper than Tense’s other designs, which makes it an ideal option if you’re looking for an affordable yet beautiful, unique timepiece.

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